Harry And Bess Houdini




(Audio Drama)

In our audio drama ‘Houdini – Magicians in the Ghost World’ to be released worldwide in 2023, we tell a story about Harry’s quest to prove life-after-death and his mission to expose fraudulent mediums and spiritualists. The Houdinis go undercover to uncover a shady medium bilking an elderly couple out of a fortune in New York, 1925. 

The first super-spectacular Audio Novella to go into production is HOUDINI~ MAGICIANS IN THE GHOSTWORLD.

The year is 1925 and Harry Houdini, grieving from the death of his beloved mother, declares war on fraudulent mediums, psychics and spiritualists. With his wife Bess by his side, the dynamic duo set out to take down these cheats that prey on heart-broken souls, and uncover a syndicate of criminals and confidence men run by one of the most notorious spiritualists in New York City!

This 74 minute audio drama-adventure tale features a full cast, headed by Mark Redfield (as Harry Houdini).

The audio novella is written and directed by Mark Redfield. Original Music and Sound Design is by Jennifer Rouse. Look for it on Audible and on Redfield Arts Audio CD in 2024!


Coming Soon!


Written and Directed by Mark Redfield

Sound design and music by Jennifer Rouse


(A Novel)

With co-author Stuart Voytilla, we tell the exciting story of the Houdinis fighting for American Democracy during World War One in our upcoming novel ‘Houdini of the Secret Service’. The Houdinis criss-cross the country to stop a double-crossing American industrialist and rail road baron from bringing war to the shores of The United States in 1918. Harry and Bess are helped along the way by their network of ‘agents’: actors and fellow vaudevillians! 


Both tales are fictions, but they are both grounded in history and historical facts, and the lives and personalities of Harry and Bess, with a bit of romance and showmanship that I think would thrill the Houdinis. The lives of Harry and Bess Houdini are fascinating, and through-out these fictional stories we’re telling, the great love affair of this magical couple shines brightly. 


On behalf of my longtime colleagues and collaborators- Stuart Voytilla (co-author of ‘Houdini of the Secret Service’) and Jennifer Rouse (Sound Designer and Music Composer of‘Houdini – Magicians in the Ghost World’), thank you for coming along on these adventures with us!